July 21, 2006

Nell Withers Thomas
Got SKY Unlimited
(916) 759-9996

High-speed, satellite Internet access for rural areas

PORTOLA, CA, JULY 21, 2006: Local company, Got SKY Unlimited is celebrating its one-year anniversary of providing high-speed Internet service via satellite through a partnership with a national program called WildBlue. In honor of this anniversary, they are offering the lowest price on equipment available anywhere in the country through the end of August with its Summer Heat special of $198.00.

Got SKY, the newest Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) subsidiary, brings broadband to our region - in rural locations that would normally not be able to receive high-speed Internet.

The business now serves nearly 4,500 subscribers in seven western states. It is the largest WildBlue provider in the country. The company has the fastest growth ever for a National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative subsidiary. Both management and its board attribute this fast growth to solid customer service and a top-notch work force.

WildBlue's broadband services will typically provide customers speeds of up to 1.5 megabits per second, more than 25 times as fast as today's dial-up 56K modem. With two-way streaming via satellite, speed is maximized both ways.

Downloading a picture on a Web site that might take 17 seconds on a dial-up service will take only 0.6 seconds with WildBlue Internet access. A large text file that might take five minutes to download on a 56K connection will take only 12 seconds with WildBlue.

Got SKY has been touring this summer with its portable hot-spot cyber cafe, nicknamed the Blue Streak, at various summer events to include the Reno Rodeo, Mohawk Valley 4th of July Independence Day celebration in Graeagle, the Lassen County Fair in Susanville, the Onion Festival in Yerington, Nevada and the Plumas-Sierra County Fair in Quincy.

Got SKY is opening the door for local jobs, and strengthening small businesses in the region. As a for-profit subsidiary, monies from it can also be used to strengthen PSREC.

Start-up costs associated with the new telecommunications business are being offset by a strong sign-up rate. Growth rates for 2006 are far exceeding original projections.

"We're ecstatic about the success of Got SKY and what that means for the local community," said Bob Marshall, General Manager of PSREC. "Next year will bring continued growth for Got SKY, our cooperative and provide more benefits for Plumas, Sierra and Lassen counties."