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You don’t know what you don’t know… Until now! We are building a walk-through guide for pilots in training. In the meantime, check out our podcast and blog! 

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A collaborative approach enrichens the learning experience with a organized and hyper-targeted discussion networks.

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Your aviation profile can compliment your resume, with the ability to display your experience and skills with high visibility.

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Logbook Conversion

It's time to go digital; your future employer expects it. We have data entry specialists with aviation experience who offer paper to digital logbook conversions in 21 business days!

We're passionate about providing pilot training to service members!

Complimentary ground school provided by volunteer flight instructors.

While the GI Bill is available to our military, it is quite restrictive in terms of allowing our service members to accomplish their dreams of flying in a timely manner. Long waiting lists coupled with dual-enrollment requirements make flying difficult to achieve. College is essential, but also very distracting while attending flight school. We are providing a valuable service by allowing future aviators to get the jump on their training with online ground school that is hosted by highly experienced instructors. 

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“There is no place that I would rather be, than sitting right beside you while you learn to fly.”

Meet the Founder

Growing up, Ian spent almost every day in a martial arts school and thought he wanted to be a doctor. During the first few years of college, he began to realize that a lifetime indoors didn’t quite suit his personality. When he discovered helicopters, he fell deeply in love with flying, so he self-funded his education and tackled a hefty bucket list to fly in every sector of the industry. Amidst his adventures – which included teaching a multitude of students from various backgrounds, flying civilian contracts in Afghanistan, flying tourists in Hawaii, rescuing the ill with MedEvac helicopters, and flying commercial airlines – he realized there are many pitfalls in aviation that need to be addressed. Now, he has two main goals….

1. To help interested people become successful aviators and to enhance the quality of life in aviation.

2. To improve aviation safety by merging safety systems with training and creating technology that eliminates the “blind spots” in all operations that pose hazards to those who enjoy flying at unsurvivable speeds through obstacle-rich environments.