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The Mentor Community:

A community for experienced and aspiring aviators to come together and make the skies a safer place to fly. Harness tacit knowledge from the industry’s top pilots and discuss topics from all angles.

No Soldier Behind

A crowd-funded flight training program for our military who are struggling with GI Bill restrictions.


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Most automation issues can be fixed by just turning it off and flying the airplane. #automation #mcas #flying #safety #training #autopilot #Pilot #pilotlife #aviation #airplanes #helicopters #aviator #flightsafety
#flightschool #pilottraining
#Careers #BOEING737MAX8

If you doubt yourself, just go around. Don't set yourself up for regrets. Consider the alternative consequences to a couple more minutes of glorious and safe flight time. #safety #flying #regrets #juiceworthsqueeze #riskvsreward #risk #prolife #pilot #decisions #ADM #aviation

If you feel like you can't pass a checkride on any given day, complacency has won and you can now be labeled as "lazy". Chances are you will need the knowledge during normal operations, not during recurrent training. #safety #training #complacency #lazy #knowledge #aviation #fly

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Miami, FL
Rafael Alfaro

After meeting with several CFI's, it didn't take long for me to realize that Ian's expertise and knowledge was second to none. Not only was I certified, but I also made a good friend.

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Miami, FL
Fernando Cavalcante

If you are not passionate about aviation, you will definitely develop a passion for it after flying with Ian. I can honestly say that he believed in me even when I didn't and that has led me to become a confident pilot.

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Miami, FL
Bob Namoff

He instilled confidence and knowledge in all he did. I can't wait to see his online course as I'm confident it will be one of the best ones available.

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Palmetto Bay, FL
Lance Atkins

It was one of the most memorable times I have ever had and I can only hope that all who read this and get the urge to fly by all means fly with Ian Robinson.

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Richard Ginsberg

Ian cares about his students and devotes constant and consistent time and energy into ensuring success. I am fortunate to have had him as both my flight and ground instructor.

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