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Passion for Flying. Duty to Succeed.


Do What You Love

Do you know what the best part of my life is? I get to wake up every day doing what I love. What could be better than that? My favorite thing is that I get to figure out all of the ways to motivate people to do what inspires them. The feeling that I get when I go to work is indescribable since it is technical, necessary, and respected.

Flying is more than stick & rudder or cyclic & collective.

It is a love of what we do and we must do everything in our power to protect it. We have to dig deep to find the most efficient and safe methodologies to be the best aviators we can be. 

It is our duty to succeed. 

Sharing experience allows us to become leaders to our next of kin so that they may have a clear path and don't encounter the same obstructions that we have.

We have MADE it! It is our responsibility to send the line back down and hoist up those who are looking up to our cockpit for a place to call home. We must inspire them to build upon our craft, to perfect its ways, and send the line back down again. 

This is aviation and we GOT SKY! - Ian Robinson

Got Sky

Got Sky is a meeting place for us to learn, collaborate, and share ideas. Lessons are used to develop best practices, build relationships, and create new opportunities. 

​Why Learn The Hard Way?

Neck Brace Technique


National Average


Students have been decreasing the time it takes to learn how to hover by using the neck brace technique they have learned from our online coaching!


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This has been an absolutely great way to stay connected, trained and sharp as a pencil. Networking has been extremely valuable and the tools and training found here have helped me be a better aviator

Brett Reeder - HAA Pilot

Missions in Afghanistan


I wasn't sure if I'd ever get to thank you, but thank you for being my pilot while in Afghanistan. You showed up on time for every mission and pulled me out of bad areas at a moments notice. I felt safe flying across that treacherous country with you as my pilot. You really made my job as a Field Service Representative seem like a cake walk with you at the wheels. I appreciate you and I'm sure my family appreciates you more given that you provided me safety while I supported dangerous military missions as a contractor in Afghanistan.

Thank You!!!

Travis Jones - Engineer

Experience of a lifetime

It was one of the most memorable times I have ever had and I can only hope that all who read this and get the urge to fly, by all means fly with Ian Robinson.

Lance Atkins - CEO-Chief Engineer

Devotion to success

Ian cares about his students and devotes constant and consistent time and energy into ensuring success. I am fortunate to have had him as both my flight and ground instructor.

Richard Ginsberg - Founder


After meeting with several CFI's, it didn't take long for me to realize that Ian's expertise and knowledge was second to none. Not only was I certified, but I also made a good friend.

Rafael Alfaro - Contractor

Found My Passion

If you are not passionate about aviation, you will definitely develop a passion for it after flying with Ian. I can honestly say that he believed in me even when I didn't and that has led me to become a confident pilot.

Fernando Cavalcante - Supervisor

Confidence via knowledge

He instilled confidence and knowledge in all he did. I can't wait to see his online course as I'm confident it will be one of the best ones available.

Bob Namoff - CEO

Prints Coming Soon!

I'm a huge fan of aerial photography but could use your help. Follow on instagram and comment on which photos you like best!

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to Build Upon What We Have Created.