Podcast Episode 1: Introducing Two Goals


Meet Ian Robinson, your new podcast host – who shares his two main goals in aviation – to improve the quality of life for aviators and help them navigate the gauntlet of hazards in order to survive the lifespan of an entire career. Most episodes will begin with a Crew Resource Management briefing, so don’t be confused when the topic seems to shift. Pay close attention because communication degradation is one of the main causes for loss of revenue (and life) in aviation. In an effort to convince EVERYONE that this is literally the most interesting subject in the industry, Ian will sprinkle tips and tricks to improve your communication with CRM briefings in most episodes. 

Bonus Material: Briefing tip - How to open the lines of communication

As a bonus, some episodes will include Crew Resource Management Briefing Enhancements. Keep a lookout, and don’t be confused when the Briefing ends and the episode topic begins. 

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Ian Robinson

Hey everyone! Thank you for finding this podcast page. I am having a great time sharing the experience I have had in aviation so you can hopefully learn the easy way, what I have learned the hard way. If there is a particular topic you would like me to discuss or investigate, please reply to this thread! You can also private message me through this platform, sign up in the top menu bar and explore your new aviation social profile.

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