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Maneuver "Perfect Words"

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Help develop "Perfect Words" - standard phraseology and callouts

As a leader in helicopter aviation, you are invited to collaborate on this project with training professionals across all sectors of the helicopter industry.

**Project to be finalized by May 1st, 2019

"If we adopt some of the standard operating procedures of the airlines, maybe we can adopt some of their safety statistics as well"
Ian Robinson
Creative Director, CFII, ATP

About Project

eliminating subjective phraseology

Every helicopter flight instructor has their own way of teaching. Their styles allow them to claim more business through unique reputation. We want to empower their performance, but not hinder it. As an industry, training should be standardized and modular. Every student should be able to train with any instructor in a cohesive manner with clear expectations and job functions. In an effort to reduce conflict and confusion in the cockpit, we humbly request an all-hands group collaboration to establish standard callouts and phraseology for the helicopter maneuvers that are subject to evaluation by the Administration. 

Reason for concern

The following personnel were queried about the phraseology used when teaching autorotations:

  • Five Designated Pilot Examiners
  • Three lead instructors of separate large EMS operators
  • Two FAA pilot examiners
  • Four separate Chief Instructors to well-established flight schools
  • Multiple other various independent industry instructors

“What specific term do you teach to maintain Rotor RPM after the initial autorotation entry?”

There were a multitude of answers:


Everyone is teaching something different. We owe it to the pilots of the industry to produce training content that is consistent among all operators and training institutions. Let’s create standard callouts for each maneuver.

After the inquiry, each individual agreed that we need to create consistency and drive industry buy-in by demanding "perfect words" from not only pilot examiners, but the organizations that everyone hopes to work for.

Using the platform

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 After you have competed the free checkout process, please navigate to My Account>My Courses to begin giving your valuable input. 

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In the main menu, navigate to “My Courses”, and open the Rotorcraft Helicopter Standard Phraseology and Callouts course. 

questions? Call or text ian: (954) 732-6475

Course Navigation

When you are in the course syllabus, use the course navigation to start at the beginning OR you can skip around to choose which maneuvers you would like to contribute to first. In this syllabus, the prerequisite settings have been disabled to allow free range. 


Add your input

You can create threads or comment on existing threads. Don’t forget to check back before the project finalizes so you can vote on the rest of the group’s opinions. Make sure to provide detailed instructions and supporting reasoning. Once complete, these maneuvers will be implimented across a large percentage of the industry from flight schools to the operators. 

Once you have commended, you can click Mark Complete to track your progress. 


The industry needs your EXPERTISE

Help develop standardized maneuver callout phraseology

Maneuver "Perfect Words"

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