So you've taken the initiative..

Now What?

Thanks for purchasing our logbook conversion services! You can now leave your “organized chaos” behind and begin your pristine digital logbook legacy.


Step One - Taking photos

– Open your logbook to the first page. Hold your phone in a horizontal position directly above your logbook and take a clear, well-lit photo of the entire open face of the logbook. This counts as one page.

– Double check that you are able to read each line when you zoom in. Examples of good photos can be found below.

– Repeat the process with each page you want transcribed!


Step 2 - set up the dropbox folder

– If you do not already have a dropbox account, click the link below to get an additional 250mb of storage space while signing up, for free.
Dropbox link –
– Create a folder and label it with your name.
– Upload all of the logbook photos to this folder.
– Share the folder with us! While hovering over the folder, click the button labeled “share.” In the “to” field, enter our email:


Step 3 - All Done!

– Sit back, relax, and spend your new free time doing things that are important to you! When we are finished converting your logbook, you will receive an email notification.
Note: if there are fields which are illegible, we will ask you to fix them prior to import by sending you a spreadsheet with the missing fields indicated. Just re-upload that file back to dropbox and we’ll double check everything before creating your .csv file!


Step 4 - time for import

– At this point, we will provide instructions to import your new .csv file into your LogTen Pro program (or other preferred program).

– If you would prefer a phone call for a walk-through of the import instructions while you import, just let us know. No extra charge!

– The import process takes 5 minutes – Easy Peasy.