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You scan or photograph your logbook and we will convert it for you!

Only $0.20 per line!

Easily and quickly upload photos or scans of your logbook straight to dropbox! 2GB of free space is included when you sign up by clicking on the camera icon above!

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We convert to your preferred program. LogTen, Logbook Pro, ForeFlight, ZuluLog, or Excel/CSV - take your pick! You can also order multiple program formats for an additional fee.

Details are provided on any mathematical errors found during transcription.

Digital Solutions
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It’s time to go paperless… Everyone is jumping on the digital logbook bandwagon. As a result, employers are EXPECTING you to have a digital logbook and a printed version that is neatly bound. When they ask you to show them your last checkride and they ask, “What does this say here?” Don’t be like, “Ummmmmm….”

step 1

 Take well-lit photos of each logbook page. Upload these to dropbox.

step 2

Sit back, relax, and get back to  doing what you do best – flying (or listening to our podcast)!

step 3

We will reach out within 21 business days to walk you through the import process.

You give us your logbook, we transcribe your entries, your resumé is error-free and your interviewers are impressed.

Check out this list to see what is transcribed.

$0.20 per line

** $45 Administration fee will be added to all logbook conversion orders

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is because remarks are often hard to read. They will not be transcribed aside from any obvious routes found in the remarks column. 

These times are a property of the aircraft type and identifier, which are transcribed. All logbook programs will generate these times based on type and identifier.

We recommend printing it out and binding it with this custom professional pilot logbook binder by ProSoft. Click here to check it out.

You will receive an email with step-by-step instructions on what to do next and what to expect, but we’ve also laid those out here if you’re curious!

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