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"You don't know what you don't know"... Until Now!

A structured, walk-through  training guide to improve completion rates, close knowledge gaps, unite aspiring aviators with experienced mentors, and make aviation a more safe and profitable place for all. 

Aircraft Specific Syllabi

Group Collaboration

Instant feedback

Groups Make Better Decisions

Access to peers can be extremely beneficial to learning. The targeted discussion platform within this syllabus will prevent you from sifting through irrelevant data from unqualified sources to keep your training on track.
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Detailed Learning Objectives

Granular objectives on micro topics

Clear Expectations

Sometimes things are missed. In aviation, this concept can be deadly. Mitigate potential error by ensuring that you have covered all topics to avoid a future catastrophe.
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Quality Mentorship

Get help from passionate professionals

Passing the Torch

We have a team of dedicated aviators who love sharing the tacit knowledge that is gained through real-world experience. Now, for the first time ever, this essential "tribal experience" is preserved for use by future generations.
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Or even better, actually USE them! Often, the paper syllabus ends up collecting dust on a shelf. Content revision management can be a nightmare.

Progress tracking

Aviation has a high drop-out rate of roughly 80%, mostly due to the lack of structured training. As human beings, we’re hardwired to want to reach the finish line. We crave completion. Small wins are massive motivators, but we rarely recognize them. Monitor your progress as you step through this walk-through guide.

Tests and Quizzes

Not solely related to FAA written or practical exams. Short, concise, and to-the-point testing throughout the curriculum based on practical applications.

saved to the cloud

Bring technology into the classroom! After marking your progress complete, you can review what you have learned and enhance your preparation for the next class by scanning ahead regarding upcoming expectations.



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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! In fact, the interactive syllabus compliments training at any aviation institution. You will still probably be required to maintain records at your school, but you can cross check the learning objectives, test your knowledge, and monitor your progress right here with Got Sky. You will also have access to instructors across the country in the discussion boards on each aeronautical topic.

They go hand-in-hand. When completing the purchase of a syllabus product, you will be auto-enrolled into the community. There, you will have access to your aviation member profile which will give you access to the course syllabi that you are enrolled in. Also, the community feature is completely free! You can join groups and contact other members in the community without being enrolled in a syllabus.

Yes and no. This syllabus contains not only ALL of the components of an approved 141 syllabus but much, much more as well. For now, we haven’t submitted the syllabus for 141 approval because the FAA can slow training down to a grinding halt – as they did when night vision goggles weren’t approved for EMS operations until 10 YEARS after the military released them for civilian use.

Actually, this was the original idea. Check this video out on the dimensions of class A airspace.

We realized that this would be too time-consuming as a video like this takes several days to produce. With the sheer volume of required videos, that would take over a lifetime to create a complete course with the quality that Got Sky is known for.

The good news is that on each course/lesson/topic page within the interactive syllabus, the community can post links to the resources associated with each concept!

Unknown to the general public and new students, there is a training deficiency epidemic in the aviation industry driven by the testing procedures of the FAA. Human beings have the natural instinct to conserve energy. The flight examination and pilot certification process can only sample a fraction of the knowledge and skills required to become a pilot and, as a result, some flight instructors have adopted minimalistic and subjective training programs. Training to pass an exam leaves countless gaps in knowledge leading to the second epidemic in our industry – deadly statistics on the rise.

The solution to these two issues? Track your progress and obtain ALL information that is essential to success as a pilot. With the paper syllabus, you don’t know what you don’t know, until now – with the online interactive syllabus at your fingertips.

Actually, kinda sorta yes! This platform has all of the features that most social media sites have, but in a very particular way. Got Sky attracts leaders in aviation, most of whom do not participate in the general public social sites.

Why? They simply don’t have the time to sift through political posts, memes, gifs, selfies, and answers from individuals who have never stepped foot in a cockpit. 

Social media is littered with

  • Mis-information
  • Mal-information
  • Dis-information

We have an additional feature that you will love: comment voting.

Inaccurate information will quickly be voted down, and eventually disappear to yield the “best answer” at the top of the thread.