Think Deeper: Airspace Quiz

By Ian Robinson | eLearning

Feb 15

​Do you know your stuff? 

Airspace is one of those topics that requires many gigabytes of mental storage space. For some pilots, written exam test preparation software is the only official training they have received on this subject. While necessary to use, it only prepares you for the bare minimum to become a certified pilot. Tests are designed to sample your knowledge, not cover everything you must learn. 

When flying through the 3-Dimensional gauntlet of airspace, you must comply with many regulations to have a violation-free flight. 

Losing situational awareness (SA) can have more severe consequences than just a violation. If you are unfamiliar with the airspace that you are located in, then your attention is diverted from other critical tasks such as engine health.

Take this short quiz; if you know your stuff, it should only take about 120 seconds. 

**Disclaimer: This test is not designed to replace formal ground school. As my instructor used to tell me: "RTFQ, we ARE trying to trick you."


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